Zooming Kids


  • Papers to be handed to the parents:- setting letter, library rules, snack list, holiday list, library card and identity card.
  • Admission form to be submitted at the earliest with one passport size photo-graph, Xerox copy of birth certificate.
  • Children should wear full uniform with name tag, Velcro shoes and handkerchief pinned on the uniform, Should carry a napkin and extra clothes in the bags (toddlers).
  • Bag, bottle, snack box, shoes, cardigan should be labled in BOLD. If a child looses any of belonging school will not be responsible.
  • Library facility is available.
  • During celebrations, child can wear colourful dress. No gift for teachers and other staff. For classmates no chocolates
  • Please inform the teacher regularly regarding any change in phone number or address , about any allergies, long absence or bus facilities.
  • In case of any illness, children must not be sent to school. As other children are prone to catch it. Encourage the use of mask and sanitizers.
  • Punctuality is a must- to drop and pick up the child. Child should be in school before 9.25 am.
  • Meet teachers only on the respective library day, regarding the progress of your child
  • Snacks have to be pure vegetarian. No eggs allowed. Please follow the snack list.
  • Please collect 3 sets of the school uniform from The Uniform Company Wanowrie, before the school re-opens. No child will be allowed without uniform for 3 days after admission . Blue Cardigans are compulsory.
  • Thursday is Colour dress.
  • To avoid traffic problem please do not stop your car in front of the gate.
  • Parents should telephone the school between 9.30 am - 1 pm. The school telephone number is 020-26832474. It will be appreciated if calls are made very sparingly.
  • Parents must see that the children bring their books, diaries and note books to school everyday. Folders should be properly maintained and checked regularly.
  • Children grow at their own pace. Each child’s level of readiness differs. At no point of time comparisons be made about the progress with other children.
  • A teacher is a child’s guide, mentor and friend please do not use her as threat as this will hamper the child’s motivation and create disinterest in looking forward to happy days in SCHOOL.
  • During “Concert “ children below 10 yrs will not be allowed to come to view the show.